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What is dental tourism?

Dental tourism, or dental vacation, is a concept in which an individual seeks dental care in India. because of the low cost of care in that locale. Tour packages are available to accommodate Americans who are looking for good dental care at third-world costs. This vacation trend is becoming more and more popular now.

Why do people travel outside of the United States for dental care?
Some Americans’ health insurance plans do not include dental coverage. Other people may not have any insurance and may not be able to afford dental care. Dental work can be completed for less money in INDIA—sometimes at less than a tenth of U.S. prices

Where are dental services offered?
Popular destinations for dental tourism trips include India, Africa, Mexico, Thailand, Hungary, and Costa Rica. Among which India has the high standards of sterilization and qualification.

What can I expect from a dental vacation?
A large amount of dental work can be done within a short time frame during a dental vacation.
In the United States, dentists may plan to complete dental work over a number of months. On a
dental vacation, patients will get months of work completed within a few weeks. However, there may be a language barrier. If a foreign dentist does not speak English, and you don’t speak his or her language, it may be difficult to discuss treatment plans and patient expectations.

Do insurers cover treatments performed on dental vacations?
Most insurance companies only pay benefits for services rendered outside the country during emergency situations. But there are companies that will pay for services wherever they are rendered with some stipulations. Some insurers have begun to offer referral services to help Americans locate English-speaking
dentists in foreign countries.

Do Indian dentists comply with the same standards as U.S. dentists?
 Many of the indian dentists are now following high standards as in U.S.
Indian dental association keep monitoring the standards of all dental clinics. even though not all the dental clinics are following the same. so you have to be picky in choosing your dentist.

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