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                SINGLE PIECE IMPLANT
                         TWO PIECE IMPLANT
          Implant and abutment are fused. They are manufactured as one piece.

           Implant and abutment are separate. The abutment is either cemented or cold welded. If abutment is secured with a screw onto the implant, then it is considered to be 3 pieces 
          Design is simple, no joints, single piece.
          Design is complex, 2 parts joint by screw.
          Single sitting surgical procedure and very often flapless (no open surgical procedure). Implant procedures are less time consuming than that required for bridgework.
          Very often more complex surgical procedures are necessary, spread over 2 or 3 sittings in a period of 3-6 months. ( Implant placement, healing screw placement and abutment placement.
         A wide range of sizes and designs are available. Suits various bone types and measurements. The design even help to avoid bone augmentation and sinus lifts.
          Limited size and designs are available thereby limiting their application.
          Immediate Loading- ie; patient can be given crowns / bridges the very next day.
          Delayed loading- very often a waiting period of minimum 3 months is necessary after loading the implant with prosthesis.
          Much cost effective when compared with 2 or 3 piece implants.
          Expensive with respective to cost of implants as well as time taken for treatment procedures.
          From patient point of view, less complex treatment procedure, less number of sittings, crowns / bridges can be cemented on a day or two.
          From patient point of view, more number of sittings, Crowns/ bridges cemented only after 3 months after healing phase. Expensive.
         There is no screw loosening since there is no separate abutment-screw-implant assembly.
          Screw loosening is very common. Being 2 piece, the relation between root portions and abutment can present many problems.
          Maintenance is very simple. Being 1 piece, strength provided by implant is excellent and there is no separate root portion and abutment portion.
          Maintenance is more complex. Very often screw has to be tightened at periodic intervals as there will be micro movement between implant and abutment.

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