Monday, 16 September 2013

Immediate loading KOS dental implants in India


Different types KOS dental Implants

KOS implants are single piece immediate loading implants

        These implants simply manufactured as a single piece rather than a complicated two piece or three piece implants

        These implants act as a compression screw and gain its strength by a process called corticalization, hens it can be immediately loaded.

         Spongy bone becomes condensed whenever compression screw implants are inserted.The process of condensing is described as CORTICALIZATION.

         When corticalization occurs this spongy bone act like a cortical bone which is stronger in nature. This  makes immediate loading of the KOS implants possible. So you can get your teeth back in just 3 days of time.
         KOS dental implant system is made of the highly fracture-resistant Ti6Al4V ELI titanium alloy pursuant to ASTM F136.  And it is double sand blasted and surface coated with osmoactive substance which helps the bone to get adapted well with this implant

        Since the KOS implants are simple system the procedure is also very simple. Most of the time just an OPG is enough to plan and proceed the implantation.
       Since there is no extra added cost for abutment, screw and other parts like in two piece implants, these KOS implants comes handy in very low price  

       Since KOS implants got many variety and available in many sizes, It is suitable for any kind of bone conditions. These Implants can be combined with BCS implants to plan a full mouth rehabilitation.

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