Saturday, 21 September 2013

Bicortical Implants (BCS) - Advanced Implant solution


Single piece Implant, being a single component, has no joints or a connecting screw, No screw loosening problem.

Thin and polished surface:
       Smooth long shaft of the Implant body makes it virtually impossible for bacterial colonization along the Implant body. Helps avoid Peri implantitis which is the commonest problem encountered by conventional implants leading  to their failures.So no risk of peri-implantitis and bone loss.

Completely avoids the risky bone augmentation procedure.

Avoids the time delay associated with bone augmention procedure and also the expenses.

Immediate loading procedure,which means ..
                         -The patient get the fixed teeth immediately in 2-3 days .  
                         -No intermediate dentures,no edentulous phase.
                         -Extremely good patient comfort.
                         -The patient can start eating the food immediately.

Complicated and expensive sinus lift procedure can be avoided.

 One simple and straight forward flapless procedure. Surgical procedures are not necessary,which means .. immediate extraction and implant placement is possible with immediate fixed teeth.No need for a second uncovering surgical procedure which is necessary in conventional two piece implants.

No screw, as such no screw loosening occurs.

No crestal bone loss, no marginal leakage between Implant components.

The abutment portion can be favourably positioned to craft an esthetically and functionally acceptable prosthesis which mimics the natural teeth in its construction.

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