Saturday, 14 September 2013

Immediate Loading Dental Implants

Single visit dental implants:
Single visit Implants

How many times have you sat through hours of tedious surgical routine at the dentist’s clinic so that your missing teeth were replaced properly? The procedure required months and cost you dearly too, leaving you wondering why technology has not advanced enough to provide a less time-consuming, more cost effective and better functioning dental implant method.

Now its time to meet the technology that you where waiting for "Single visit dental implants"

These dental implants are Advanced single piece implant system which can be immediately loaded. It means tooth can be given immediately after implant placement whereas in conventional implant system you have to wait for 3 to six month or even more in some cases.

The main advantage is that the tooth can be replaced in a single stage surgery. And it can be done even in inflamed and infected gum conditions. and there is no chance for infection of implants and implant failure.

Though dental implantology has seen many revolutions over the years, the majority of dentists in the state opt for the traditional root-form implants with the screw type portion buried into the jawbones to replace missing teeth roots. These two-piece implants require two-stage surgical procedures, sometimes even more. In the first stage bone augmentation and implant placement are done and the second stage takes place after a gap of three months or more to replace the tooth

It is like asking the patient to change their body according to the specifications of the implant. I prefer it the other way. These immediate implants help even when the complete jaw is damaged

When you compare the expense, the single piece implant costs only one third of the traditional implant surgery. And you don’t need to spend days for the procedure just 3 days is enough for you to get your smile back

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