Friday, 17 February 2017


BCS Implants(No more Bone Grafting)

BCS Implant are otherwise called as Bi-cortical screw or Basal cortical implants.
BCS Implant
BCS Implant
            These Implants gets their support from engaging the hard cortical bone or the strong basal bone .where as other Implant gets their support from soft spongy bone.
            These are made as highly polished surface Implants which never allows the bacteria’s to grow on the Implant surface .This characteristics feature make BCS Implants eligible to get place in the immediate extraction places even though the tooth was infected before.
            BCS Implant has disc shaped screw threads which engages both the cortical and basal bone to get a high strength immediately, which makes BCS Implants eligible for Immediate loading and it avoids the secondary bone grafting surgery.
            As the BCS Implant are totally resistant to any bacterial infection.It can be placed close to the maxillary sinus. Even one or two threads can enter into the sinus to get the sinus cortical walls stability. ”It never produces sinusitis”.
            When you are planning to remove some of your bad teeth and want to replace the tooth immediately. BCS Implants are the best option available for you.
            BCS Implants and KOS Implants are made as single piece dental Implants which has several advantages over conventional two or three pieces dental implants and comes handy on low cost.

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