Saturday, 28 March 2015

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Indications And Contraindications of Dental Implants

Any functional OR/AND aesthetic Rehabilitation of patients with single or multiple defects of the dentition. Both on the upper and lower jaw.

Absolute Contraindication:
Patients with systemic condition, which dose not allow implantation.
Prior to and during or after radiation therapy.
Patients with malignant diseases.
Mental illness, syndromes.
Uncompensated Diabetic or BP
Therapy with Bisphosphonates
Disorders of Bone
Hemorrhagic diathesis, Immunodeficiency
Allergy to titanium (Ti6Al4V)
Relative Contraindications:
Diabetes, Bruxism, Allergies, Pregnancy
Abuse of Alcohol and drugs, Smoking
Bone which is treated with irradiation
Therapy with anticoagulants
Sufficient amount of bone tissue / Location closure to vital structures

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